fredag 14 januari 2011

Los Bandits - Pisto song

Pisto song aka Juany Dinero
Previously known as The Illegal Dead/Los Ilegales Muertos; was started by Xuan "El Bandit" and Rey Salas "Bajo Rey" as a two-piece Psychobilly/Rockabilly acoustic band in late 2006 which only consisted with a guitar, upright bass, an Idea, and some lungs!
This band has evolved through out the years from the different elements of genres of music and experiences but have always had the Psychobilly fuel to the mix. With elements of Mexican music, Rockabilly, Punk, Cumbia and the infiltration of Chicano based lyrics, Los Bandits will be the band that will shoot through like a .44 magnum and like a high caliber bullet, make a big impact wherever it hits.
keep it Califas!

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