onsdag 20 februari 2013

Left lane cruiser - Crackalacka

Crackalacka, vad betyder det egentligen? jag tittade efter i Urban dictionary, det visade sig att det kunde betyda flera olika saker:
1. Bascially an enthusiatic way to bring attention to someone or to greet someone.
Don: yo! wheres joe?
Mark: I don't know
Joe: Crackalacka!!!!!
Don: hey! Joe!
2. It could be a state of mind....meaning a little frisky and "off "
Example: Dude that chic is nuts man, she is crackalacka!!
3. Crackalacka can be a place where one lives.
Example: Man I live in East Crackalacka and have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get to work.

4. Crackalacka can be a way to describe someone's way of dressing.
 Example: Did you see what she was wearing? That outfit was crackalacka all the way!!

5. The person who is asked "What's crackin'?"

- A word that does not necessarily reflect the negative connotation of the word "cracka" - this word is/should be/can be used more friendly

- Should be used as a name for greeting another white friend by a white person, or it can be said by a black person as long as the receiving person is comfortable with the black person to the point of friendship.
Hey what's up crackalacka? You gonna hang out with us?

What's crackin' crackalacka?!

Don't call me crackalacka unless you got respect, man!
6. Someone who uses crack, a crack addict.
I'd be rich if I wasn't such a crackalacka.

               ..japp då vet vi det!


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